Top 10 Art Galleries in Madrid That Keep Your Finger on the Art Pulse

Top 10 Art Galleries in Madrid That Keep Your Finger on the Art Pulse

Discover Madrid’s Contemporary Art Scene in These Galleries

One thing you must have noticed while walking through the streets of Madrid is that there are a lot of galleries. There are districts known for this type of establishments and anybody who wants to have anything to do with the art world has crossed the threshold of at least some of them. Do you want to know what the fuss is about and what exactly can you see in these galleries? Then simply step right in! You might even enjoy it. Here is a starting list of the 10 most popular ones. Feel free to add others and make your own selection. We strongly encourage it!

Top 10 famous Madrid art galleries

1. Heinrich Ehrhardt

Imagini pentru galeria de arte heinrich ehrhardt

Exhibit at the Heinrich Ehrhardt Gallery

This gallery was opened in 1980 in Madrid and its exhibits featured post-war German artists such as Georg Baselitz and Joseph Beyus. Founder Heinrich Ehrhardt tried to expand the list of new talents on the German art scene by opening another gallery in Frankfurt in 1985 and by undertaking several public art projects in various European museums. His own gallery reopened in 1998 in Madrid and it now hosts emerging Spanish artists as well. Among them, Julia Spinola and Secundino Hernandez.

2. Elba Benitez

Inside the Elba Benitez gallery

This amazing place opened in 1990 and has since then held exhibits of a wide range of contemporary art and other disciplines. If you are lucky, you can find in the courtyard of this beautiful old villa a sculpture, photography, painting or performance art exhibit. Other projects may involve architecture, film or public space project elements. The artists exhibiting here are both national as well as international.

3. Elvira Gonzalez

Inside the Elvira Gonzalez gallery

If you are a fan of art of the 20th and 21st centuries, the Elvira Gonzalez gallery is the place to be. The place is named after its founder, former director of the Theo gallery and a person with great authority on the art scene. She is the one who has brought some of the greatest artists of the century to Spain. Only to name a few we mention August Rodin and Francis Bacon.

4. Juana de Aizpuru

Inside the Juana de Aizpuru gallery

Prestigious names and the owner’s dedication for contemporary art meet up at the Juana de Aizpuru gallery in Madrid. Juana de Aizpuru opened a gallery in Seville in 1970 and one in Madrid in 1983, the latter outlasting the first one. Although there are numerous kinds of exhibits held here, photography holds a special place as artists such as Alberto Garcia Alix and Joel-Peter Witkin are practically household names.

5. Rafael Perez Hernando

Imagini pentru galeria Rafael Perez Hernando

Entrance to the Rafael Perez Hernandez gallery

The current venue of the Rafael Perez Hernandez gallery was reopened in 2004 as the initial location opened in 1996 having been set in a small basement near-by. Although in the beginning the gallery was reserved for established artists with quality work, now emerging talents can find a place for their works. There are different disciplines accepted here, photography, sculpture and painting among them.

6. Marlborough

Inside the Marlborough gallery

The Madrid Marlborough gallery is one of many such branches opened in NYC, London, Barcelona and Monaco, among other locations. Here you can find paintings and sculptures of some of the big Spanish art names such as Juan Jose Aquerreta and Pablo Armesto.

7. Formato Comodo

Imagini pentru galeria formato comodo

Inside the Formato Comodo gallery

Formato Comodo is a gallery owned by the Castellano sisters, Pilar and Mayte. Before opening the gallery in 2007, Pillar used to work as a set designer for Almodovar. The works presented here belong mainly to artists from older generations but young Spanish and international talents have their own spot in the limelight. The place in itself is elegant and it will be a pleasure for you to spend time there, no matter who is exhibiting.

8. Ivory press

Imagini pentru galeria ivory press

Inside the Ivory press gallery

Architecture exhibitions, curatorial projects, exhibitions of contemporary artists such as Olafur Eliasson and Anselm Kiefer and special publications can all be visited at the Ivory press gallery and publishing house. Elena Ochoa Foster opened it in 1996 and has since organized remarkable art events in the heart of Madrid. It is well worth at least a peek.

9. Nogueras de Blanchard

The Nogueras de Blanchard gallery annually hosts the “Open Call” competition for curators from all over the world. Another interesting event held here is the “Kitchen Talks”, in which artists and curators have a healthy conversation about the industry. Apart from the location in Madrid, there is another Nogueras de Blanchard in Barcelona.

10. Helga de Alvear

Ten Thousand Waves

Isaac Julien’s exhibit at Helga de Alvear, “Ten Thousand Waves”, in 2011

The Helga de Alvear gallery opened in 1995. This 900 square meter space is dedicated to hosting contemporary works of art in photography, installation and video art.

There is no age limit to becoming interested in art. After all, this is the beauty of it. You are supposed to like something without having to explain it. A work of art speaks to you pure and simple and it can happen at an early age or later on in life. You never know when a painting on a wall can sum up your life story in a few dots and well chosen colors. So why not discover it on the walls of any of the numerous Madrid galleries? See how contemporary artists are representing the world we live in and how future generations will see us.