About Us

Welcome on the site of Malaga Art!

What is Malaga Art, and what is our purpose?

Malaga Art is a non profit company based in the UK. Our main goal is to educate and help artist who struggle to make it. If you feel like you deserve more spotlight or more recognition as an artist, we are here to help you! We have partnered with several companies in the UK, that can help you put your art on the market, and show to your audience. We have been operating since 1998 and we have helped several adults and kids to have their talent recognized and to grow. Every year more and more people take part in our campaign and programs.

Who can enter our programs?

Anybody. Yes, you read that right. Everyone who is doing arts and would love to show their work can participate in our program. There is no exception in what kind of art you are doing, Wether you are a painter, a video game artist, a musician, film maker, photographer, as long as you are producing arts, you are eligible for the program!

How did we start?

Our company has started as every company in the world, as a thought. Me and several of my friends had an idea of helping artists, as what we were and still are, and to help small artists get more recognition. After creating our very first website, what was a simple HTML website and not looking as good as this current website, we officially launched our program. As every start, it was very hard, but let me give you a simple tip, if you start something, don’t ever give up on it, may it be and art project, or learning something. There will be ups and downs, but if you stick with it, it is goind to work, and that is what happened to Malaga Art. After 2 years of hard work, we have moved to our very first office, where we could professionally handle our program, and handle each individual who entered our programs. The hardest part was finding companies and sponsors to team up with. As a non profit company, we did not have a large base cash of funding, so we had to take every offer we were given. That is how we have teamed up with John & Johnsons LTD. our very first sponsor. We would like to give a special thank you to them, because without J & J LTD. we would not be here today.

What kind of benefits do we provide?

We have several programs that you can enter. Our most popular program is the Social Media program, where we team up with several Facebook and Pinterest pages to get your arts shared and promoted. This includes creating your own artist page, so you can take off easily. If you stick with us a long time, you can enter our premium program, where we will take your arts to several festival and shows, to get more recognition!